Retargeting for the Web

For most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit. What are you doing about the other 98%? Get your high-value prospects to convert through retargeting them with the right ads and bringing them back to the right pages.

Initial advertiser web page

Page where the user sees the advertiser’s display ad

Advertiser page where the user returns

AdSavvy Advantages


Maximize Reach

Place the right ads across desktop and mobile inventory on Google, Yahoo!, AppNexus, OpenX, and the leading ad networks and exchanges from AdSavvy.


Advanced Segmentation

Reach the right users with the right ads and bring them to the right pages. AdSavvy has one of the most advanced segmentation approaches. It can incorporate a range of intent signals and ensure that your retargeted ads are focused on the most high-value prospects.


Deep Integration, More Conversions

Through a deeper level of integration, AdSavvy is able to gather more information about your prospective customer and to leverage that information in the conversion flow.

How does it work?

  • User visits your website and leaves without completing your desired action
  • While browsing the web, the user sees the retargeting ad and is re-engaged
  • Users clicks the ad and returns to your website to complete the action

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